The fastest, easiest path to transform your little
​beastie ​into your best friend.

Does your dog walk you?
Does your dog jump all over you as you TRY to walk in your door?
Do you dred come home to the frenzy and destruction?
Do you NOT have your friends over because your dog is so out of control?

It’s time to stop the madness

Why does your dog behave so badly?

You’re not going to like the answer.

The hard truth is your dog behave this way because you taught him.

Of course not on purpose. It’s just soooo easy to miscommunicate with your dog.

​But have no fear - there are surprisingly simple ways to teach him what you actually want him to do.

Enjoy your dog again

​But it all starts with you.

Master Trainer & Behavior Consultant Presents ~

90 Day Immersion to
Transform your little beastie into your best friend


​Private training + group training + support
= a well behaved dog