​Have fun with your dog!
This non-competitive class teaches your dog the basics of dog agility.
Hurdles, tunnels, weave poles PLUS attention and recalls are all covered in this fun course.

​4 week class**


**call for next start date

Come have fun and laugh and play with your dog!

Teach them to jump hurdles, go through tunnels, balance on wobble boards and so much more.

Great physical and mental exercise for your dog. Modifications for all ages and breeds.

Keep the learning AND fun going.
Learning is lifelong. If you stop working with your dog not only do they not advance to the next level - they forget what they've already learned.

Take them ALL!!

Enroll in the ZEN Dog Program and you and your dog can take as many classes as you want as often as you want.

Get the ZEN DOG Digital course and oodles of support materials

Want more?

Get UNLIMITED Classes!

Dog not a good fit for a group class?

No worries.

Let's get together for a private training session.

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